IIndistock’s vision is to enable every investor with market information, price data, news and technical analytics so as to facilitate profitable investment decisions. We at Indistock believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our investors, helping them successfully navigate Indian Securities Markets.

We are when it comes to financial markets.


Our Mantra is sacred to us. It highlights the goals of the chosen path based on experience, wisdom and worldly truth. Once a client makes Indistock his Investment Mantra his interest becomes sacred to us.

Indistock Investment Logic:

  • Financial securities are dependent upon planning for major expenses like medical, marriage, children’s education & retirement.
  • Plan early. Every five years wait; require double your investment to achieve the same.
  • Decide your risks & returns objective. Successful investors predetermine their goals as to safety, liquidity & returns.
  • Equity investment is the strongest wealth generator. Over time, stocks have outperformed all other types of investments and have compensated for inflation.
  • Cash, bonds and money market investment don’t grow, they only pay interest. We use them for diversification and liquidity.
  • Opportunities are there in a down market as well as upmarket.
  • Asset allocation over equity fixed income investments low risk-high risk investment, commodities & real estate maximizes returns on capital.