Indistock’s wealth management team aims to provide total financial planning solutions to the investor. We are focused on providing products, strategies and customized services to the investor based on his risk profile, age and investment goal. Our offerings include Wealth Management Services, Mutual Fund Investment Management, Equities, Fixed Income, Equity derivatives and Currency derivatives. We maintain one-to-one dedicated relationships with all our clients helping them achieve long term sustainable financial performance.

We are in the process of acquiring PMS license from SEBI. We will soon be able to offer discretionary & advisory PMS products. This will integrate to maximize investment expertise keeping in view client’s risk matrix.

  • Investment Management Services
    We help construct and manage equity portfolios on a non-discretionary basis using our expertise in equity capital markets and our in-house research.
  • Equity Advisory
    We provide fundamental and technical research-based advice on select stocks from an investment and trading perspective.
  • Structured Products
    Products that offer our clients unique risk-reward equations that are customized to their investment objectives, like basket trading in Nifty in Cash and Derivatives
  • Mutual Fund Advisory
    We provide research-based recommendations on Top Picks and best-performing schemes in the Mutual Funds universe.
  • IPO Advisory
    Insightful advice on the merits of Public Issues and inputs in case of Book Building issues.
  • Forex Management
    Minimizing Forex risk exposure by advising and executing OTC contracts and Currency derivatives.
  • Step One: Identifying Investor Risk Profile & Return Expectations
    At Indistock we spend a lot of time analyzing you, the client’s financial profile and status in terms of existing portfolio, tax status, liquidity requirements, risk appetite and projecting return expectations based on current lifestyle and future needs. All these factors are crucial for constructing a tailored personal portfolio

  • Step Two: Mapping Investment Strategy
    Once we are able to successfully identify your financial goals and risk bearing capability we help you map a financial plan that will help you achieve your financial goals. We appropriately allocate assets across classes and create the ideal portfolio for you.

  • Step Three: Investment Allocation Strategy
    At Indistock, we are there with you at every stage of your portfolio creation and updation. We regularly review your investment strategies and portfolio performance so as to ensure we are on track towards realizing your stated financial goals.

Refer to our 3 steps Investment process