IIndistock’s fixed income team is one of the leading providers of sales and trading services encompassing the full spectrum of debt products for institutional investors. Our debt market expertise covers government securities, state government obligations, corporate bonds, credit and asset-based products, liability management, interest rate swaps, derivatives and other securities. We also help corporate, state governments and financial institutions raise resources cost effectively.

Corporate Bond Market:
Today it is known as OTC market. Government and SEBI is in process to process to create a platform for Exchange Trading. We are active in negotiating secondary deals & revising and placing corporate bonds, ECCBs, Private Equity. We are well positioned in the market on account of our long standing treasury relationships with Banks and Institutional Investors.

Wholesale Debt Market:
We provide trading of a wide range of fixed income securities that include government securities, treasury bills, bonds issued by public sector undertakings, floating rate bonds, zero coupon bonds, index bonds, CPs, CDs etc. We are empanelled with over 100 banks, institutions, mutual funds and corporate. Our Annual Turnover of this segment is over Rs. 131.31 Billion. for the year 2012-13.

G. Sec. is now being traded on RBI platform, but it is expected to be return to NSE WDM.